Parting Bead

by Noble Lake

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Parting Bead is the 2nd full length from Noble Lake.

Recorded Summer 2009 at Beat Babies Studios
Woodstock, Md
Recording and Mixing Engineers:
Chris Freeland and Mickey Freeland

Cover Art by Kathy Fahey



released June 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Noble Lake Portland, Oregon

Noble Lake was born in 2005 in Baltimore. Took her name from a place in Iowa. Songs written by James Sarsgard, who lays down his head in Portland, Or.

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Track Name: Dead and Gone
If you don't have a home, you can shiver and cry
and the wind is always blowing
you'll never win most battles
let alone the war that's going
and come evening time we'll walk the streets
and roll in the arms of strangers
the world is wide and all around
is temptation and danger

but someday we'll crack that diamond mine
and the days will run like water
living high on the hog at the end of an age
we can laugh as we're turning the corner

but there'll be hell to pay
for simply hauling up the morning
there will be dandelions and fingers crossed
but the path it won't be easy
when you fix your gaze up on the summit
of the mountain
so many years without a map
a million miles and counting

and marianna's room was warm
and I slept there many an evening
she's a vision, a lark on a movie screen
lying there still and dreaming
and sharing a smoke at the windowsill
gives you time to think and wonder
why, oh why do we roll out in thunder and disorder?

give glory to god and the wind of the world
and praise for being foolish
the radio's just static, in a moment
it will all be dead and gone
Track Name: Tony Alphonso Lorraine
In the old Abbey Hotel
In a room that I know all too well
You pay by the hour, the week or the day
And the evenings keep slipping away
Yes the evenings keep slipping away

Well it's raining tonight and I'm long overdue
for some sleep that won't never come round
and I'm whistling down trains
on the fire escape
and the sky is falling on down
and I'm burning a hole in the ground

and won't somebody call or inquire about me
at the front desk one of these days?
Just remind me of my good name
My name is Tony Alphonso Lorraine

Well the lights are all dim in the hallway
And the sink makes a gurgling sound
Things that don't work always interested me
And I've always been sneakin' around
Yes I've always been sneakin' around

and any malt liquor will do for L.B.
but I'm tired of hearing him talk
and I'll go for hours in room ten
with all of them
and sometimes with Marie down the hall
Hell, I've come this far
why not blow it all?

'cuz my woman don't need me
and she don't even return my phone calls at all
but it's all the same when you're high on cocaine
My name is Tony Alphonso Lorraine
My name is Tony Alphonso Lorraine
Track Name: Rose of the Winds
I know this world gives you problems
I know we're getting older every day
But don't let it get you down
things are bound to come around
There's got to be some easier way

'Cause sometimes I live in the city
And sometimes in another place in time
Where tall trees cast a gleaming shadow
That's always on my mind

And the old world may be gone
And some of our dreams passed on
But the brightest side of life is for the ones who've been
And we're following a Rose of the Winds
Following a Rose of the Winds

So long, farewell and how I'll miss you
I know there will be brighter days to come
Parting takes its toll
and we'll be hungry down the road and it's that
appetite we'll have to feed upon

But sometimes there's food on the table
And so many voices around
And sometimes the table is firewood
And the whiskey ain't watered down

Track Name: Winter of Another Year
Well the times are getting leaner in this idle land
and I'm shooting holes in everything I know
Tell the truth I think I'm sittin' on a losing hand
and I'm going where the wind don't blow
And it's won't you lend me money just this one more time
you know that I'll do right by you this time
Gonna make this final wager and I'll make it mine
or else you might not hear from me again

I'll be leaving when the snow melts in the spring
It's that old familiar feeling in the wings
Sweet rose of eden or the coals of hell
some men can't see the world no other way

And the days pass by in a flash of light
swirlin' in a shot glass clean and bright
And it's easy when you're young
to lay in waiting for the sun
until the winter of another year is gone

Red is the river in the evening sun
lying there, thinking on someone
Clean as the water by the lilies and reeds
there's a lady that I've come round here to see
She's as brave and as graceful
as the land where she resides and I'll stay as long as she'll be at my side

But I was second fiddle once the wind was blowin' strong and bitter, once again
And now I'm up the river
in the freezing cold
and if there's solace in this world I'll never know
Track Name: Younger's Elegy
I was young, dumb and petrified
And w/o years behind me I was hindered by my pride
On the shores/and the cities I pass by
I would ply my cunning, I would ply my trade
In the sweet, murky blue meander
I would play the demon
I would play naive

and when it comes time for me
to answer for misgivings, I'll be gone a mile,
I'll be gone a year
And when I die, at least I know that I'll be satisfied
I'll be wise enough before she catches up with me

And I'll be riding on mercy
And I'll be coming around
And I'll be countin' my money
until that good ship comes around

Never get tired of living this life I love
And there's a silver chord stretched down
from the heavens up above
And if they ever catch me
put a gun right to my head

Draw a line, drawn out in the sand
and I would test my courage until I'm
too fucked up to stand
And just last week, I went on a bender
held a magic marker in my pocket I went blank
And on 12th st the tellers they are easy
gave me all the money and I ran out in the street

And I got so high, standin', starin' out thru the window
I believe in phantoms, I know I'm gonna die
And if it's the law or some other spectre's hand
I see the bastards coming out of every white sedan

And I'll be riding on mercy.......
Track Name: Lap of Luxury
Well the old haunts ain't the same since you left town
and I miss you hanging round
from time to time I've found
Are you happy on the shores of that dry land?
In the sun and on the sand?
'cause I could use some company
or just a guiding hand

But all I got is a looming history
Of troubled thoughts and crying eyes to see
out of windows on the pisspoor side of town
Boarded up and rubble bound
And I know what's coming down

When the harbor lights a beacon on the sea
Will the saints deliver me into the lap of luxury?
'cause in my mind it's always gold and evergreen
But nothin' ever works
the way I plan these days it seems

Well I wish I could steer clear of you somehow
Mend my ways and settle down
But I'm restless and unbound
and darlin' all I ever want is time
with you by my side
and there's no use in trying to stem
the turning of the tide

'Though it seems you have a waning sympathy
for troubled minds and rakish men like me
And it's a heart attack to feel as though disowned
And I'll clamor, piss and moan
until I'm sinking like a stone

But when the harbor lights a beacon on the sea....
Track Name: The Forward Plain
Time and Fortune cut down to the bone
Grind you like an old millstone
And the welfare of friends, fare the well
fade and scatter
But I hope that I'll be seeing you again

Standing clear of the shadows we pretend
Might further our defenses in the end
Standing tall in the clear light of day
With the country that we quit behind a ways..

In the passing of the days are you with me?
Staring from a window on a train?
As the cities pull away
Can you try and pry your gaze?
And stare out on the forward plain?

All the records scratched and spent
All the letters never sent
And the photos pale and overexposed
Be they pieces of a well-worn compass rose

But where they lead us know one rightly knows
Days of love and rage on down the road
If we ride out to the end
Do you know what might portend?
Staring at the circles round the sun

In the passing of the days are you with me.....
Track Name: Reavers
I was left with some narcotics
from a grievous injury on the shoreline
of another distant sea
And now I am alive and with nothing left but time
often a bell will ring to jar my memory

The city lights and scenes don't seem familiar anymore
And ever blast and rattle shakes my skin
Pretty girls walk by me and I'm miles away
I'm haunted by the places that I've been

And you can break my body out along the rocks
Take me to a place along the shore
Where nobody wanders and I can lay my head

Now reavers are running on the shores of a land
Unwelcome and in demand
And reavers are coming back home unhinged
God willing, the tide has turned
And I'm in a fix I'm damned I'm ready
It's only a matter of time
Heads are gonna role like some tale from the Bible
And I'll hide out on the high line

And you can break my body out along the rocks
Take me to a place along the shore
Where nobody wanders and I can lay my head
Track Name: Don't Blame the Seasons
If I leave this earthly body
years before I'm due
would you stay up weeping for me?
would your love for me remain true?

and if the whiskey took me to an early grave
'neath the trestle on some bygone creek?
or if I was weak and lonely,
and cast along the dark side of the street...

no one would blame the water
that carried my body away
no one would blame the seasons
for wearing down on an old oak tree
and just like the last ray of warm sunshine
when I die I know I'll live again

and if love is ever changing
and given strong lungs to breathe
don't begrudge the cause of my leaving
don't you carry no burden or shame
and if ever you should seek to find me again
in the distance, on the lay of the land
you can look for me out on the highest cliff
by the swell of the sea so grand

no one would blame the water
that carried my body away
no one would blame the seasons
for wearing down on an old oak tree
and just like the last ray of warm sunshine
when I die I know I'll live again